Southeast Asia’s Premier Security Provider

Phuket’s largest local employer & Thailand’s largest western owned & operated Private Security Company.

Established 11 years years ago, our managers have over 100 years experience in the Private Security Industry. A proud member of the ASIS community, SGS Security operates nationally with locations in Bangkok and Phuket.

Operating throughout Southeast Asia, SGS Security offers Close Protection Officers (CPO), Physical Security (Guards), Logistics (Drivers), Maritime Security Officers (SSO), CP Chauffeuring, Surveillance & Intelligence Agents serving Corporations, Governments, Multinationals and HNWI Families.

About SGS

“Our goal is to surpass Close Protection by offering comfort and safety to our clientele via connecting them with vetted and recognized men and women from all branches of the security industry”

Timothy Claus

General Manager

Opperations Support

Quality Control

While other security companies have one Inspector per 700 guards, SGS has one Inspector per 100 guards. Operating 24/7, our Inspectors are always providing onsite training and just a call away for additional support.

Continuous Training

All SGS personnel receive Initial Training, Police Guard Certification Training, Onsite Training and Quarterly Training to ensure a broad range of skills ranging from Emergency First Response to Fire Safety and Searching.

Customer Support

SGS is well known for our long-lasting business relations with our clientele and exemplary customer support. Each client receives tailored security services to match their specific requirements and expectations.


SGS Security utilizes the most advanced and high-quality security equipment in Thailand. Each one of our sites is fitted with equipment that surpasses legal requirements.


  • Jatuporn (Jack) Sangsakris
    Jatuporn (Jack) Sangsakris Operations Manager
  • Timothy (Tim) Claus
    Timothy (Tim) Claus General Manager
  • Sing (Sing) Trichada
    Sing (Sing) Trichada Senior Inspector
  • Nipon (Pon) Kulnork
    Nipon (Pon) Kulnork Senior Inspector
  • Pasit (Aof) Tribhum
    Pasit (Aof) Tribhum Senior Inspector
  • Chadaporn (Som) Trairat
    Chadaporn (Som) Trairat Purchasing Manager
  • Sureeporn (Tam) Mahakhot
    Sureeporn (Tam) Mahakhot Stock Control Manager
  • Panasit (Jack) Thanyang
    Panasit (Jack) Thanyang Junior Inspector
  • Amnuay (Lek) Krawan
    Amnuay (Lek) Krawan Logistics Manager
  • Nattaporn (Kaew) Chaichana
    Nattaporn (Kaew) Chaichana Human Resources Assistant Manager
  • Natthamon (Nat) Nontha
    Natthamon (Nat) Nontha Accounting Manager
  • Mahapon (Ex) Nalek
    Mahapon (Ex) Nalek Master Instructor
  • Sutat (Tas) Kunard
    Sutat (Tas) Kunard Guard Roster Manager
  • Khun Manop
    Khun Manop Phang Nga Supervisor
  • Khun Don
    Khun Don Private Villa Security Manager
  • Chutiwan (Fon) Chamnan
    Chutiwan (Fon) Chamnan Assistant Operations Manager
  • Wachirawit (Bee) Chuaychoo
    Wachirawit (Bee) Chuaychoo Human Resources Manager


  • "I noticed Mr. Chanwit's performance; the security guard at Laguna is very diligent, I have never see him sit in the guard’s house. He always stands outside under the sun and rain, walking and checking the access. I am very appreciative"

    Khun Ooi
    Khun Ooi Property Director
  • "We have been using SGS as our security company for over 8 years and are happy with the service and standard of guards provided and will continue utilizing their services for the foreseeable future"

    Howard Openshaw
    Howard Openshaw Director of Training/HR and Quality Assurance
  • “Tim is a tremendous asset to SGS and his response time and actions are exceptional. Working with Tim has given me a great deal of confidence in how he conducts business.”

    Michael Wenk
    Michael Wenk Managine Director - Mövenpick
  • "We have been working with SGS since the opening of Malaiwana and have been extremely satisfied with their professional team. They have been very pro-active and forthcoming working with us on operation procedures, estate audits and improvement recommendations as well as the supervision of the security teams"

    Femke Beekers
    Femke Beekers Country Head Thailand - Elite Havens
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